InterHeat Inc. never stops challenging and developing itself since its establishment in 1995. InterHeat Inc. will move forward to develop as a leading company in the world through highly competitive technology.


1995. 9   Established InterHeat Inc. in Korea

1995. 12  First export of Infrared Lamp for bathroom heater to Australia.

1999. 4    Registration of a Korean Utility model patent for Infrared Lamp

1999. 6    Selected as a Venture Business

2000. 6   Selected as a promising small and medium-sized business in Gyeonggi-do Province

2001. 5   Obtained American CSA certificate for Infrared Lamp

2003       Obtained Chinese trademark, Chinese patent and Japanese utility model patent for Lamp Protector

2004. 2   Registration of a Korean utility model patent for Protective device of Heating Lamp

2004. 4   Open a logistics warehouse in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

2004. 5   Obtained CE certificate for Lamp Protector

2005. 9   Obtained German VDE certificate for Lamp Protector

2006. 5   Selected as one of the Companies to be supported by KOTRA’s GLOBAL BRAND project.

2007. 5   Established manufacturing company in China – InterHeat China Inc.

2007. 8   Obtained American CSA certificate for Lamp Protector

2010       Developed 3G PAR Lamp and obtained CSA certificate and Chinese patent on 3G PAR Lamp

2014       Developed Carbon Fiber Heater and obtained Korean patent on Carbon Fiber Heater

2015       Obtained German GS, North American CSA/US and European CE certificate for Carbon Fiber Heater

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