Carbon Fiber Heater for Poultry

Carbon Fiber Lamp


Characteristics & Advantages

Safety certificate : Korean KC, German GS, North American CSA/US, European CE

Patent in Korea & China

No Carbon Monoxide (CO)

No harmful gas caused by incomplete combustion of fuel → Prevent respiratory disease → Healthier chicken

No burning Oxygen, no lack of Oxygen → No need frequent ventilation → Save energy

No burning of fossil fuel (kerosene) → No blackening → Cleaner chicken house

Convert 98.4% of electric energy to heat energy → Efficient heating

Tilt-switch function : Automatically turned off when falling down and turning over (When it’s tilted over 30˚) → Fire prevention

Waterproof (IPX4)

Long life of Carbon Fiber Lamp (8,000 hours)


 Comparison table for energy consumption of each heater

 Advantage of Carbon Fiber Heater

  • Best Review of Carbon Fiber Heater in USA



 InterHeat Carbon Fiber Heater for Broiler Houses

Carbon Fiber Heater – CPT & CPBT (for Poultry)




Carbon Fiber Lamp (230-240V / 220V / 120-130V)


Type Specification Remark
CFL600 230-240V 600W 220V 550W 120-130V 600W CPT
CFL900 230-240V 900W 220V 800W 120-130V 900W
CFL1200 230-240V 1200W 220V 1050W 120-130V 1200W CPBT

CFL1500 230-240V 1500W 220V 1300W 120-130V 1500W


5 pcs. / carton


10 pcs. / carton



InterHeat at Poultry houses

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